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Electric scooter Inokim OX Super + Gift helmet

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For the wildest riders, with a longer battery life and ready for urban and all-terrain climbs. Go off-road with its patented suspension system.
Light urban travel.

Key features:

Incredible power A battery for long distances. Grab your Inokim OX Super and travel 110km with just one charge. Maintain normal speed even on the hardest inclines. Admire its rear disc brakes and front drum brakes. Stunning 10” wheels, mudguards for your off-road adventures and dual brake lights.

Patented suspension
The dual suspension of the OX Super is Inokim’s best kept patent. Stepping onto it is like flying. You can also choose between riding high or low, by adjusting the suspension to suit your tastes.

An amazing scooter
Its great quality and attractive swing arm bearing have helped it to win the Red Dot Design award. Only suitable for lovers of strong thrills. We all know that you should never exceed 25km/h. Wear a helmet!

An off-road beast
It boasts a front drum brake and a rear disc brake, so that its 10” wheels can react to the smallest movement of your fingers...

The quality of an electric scooter is not reflected just in its figures: ride one of the safest and most reliable scooters on the market. INOKIM scooters follow 5 basic principles:

  • Maximum safety: thanks to its robust, high-quality materials, its brakes and its high-end parts.
  • Vehicles, not toys: you can’t build an electric scooter for adults just by adding a motor to the front wheel of a play scooter.
  • Reliability all our batteries are long-lasting and from leading brands.
  • Design: the attractive designs of INOKIM scooters have won numerous awards.
  • Warranties and after-sales service: our work doesn’t end with the sale. We offer high-quality technical services that will look after your scooter and will advise you on how to get the most out of your INOKIM scooter.


  • Maximum power: 1,300W (nominal power: 1,000W)
  • Autonomía: 80-100 km
  • Batería: 60 V & 21 Ah
  • Front and rear light
  • 10” wheels with air chamber
  • Rear disc brake and front drum brake
  • LCD display to monitor speed, distance or status of the battery
  • Patented front and rear suspension
  • Easy to ride
  • Maximum safety and comfort
  • Quick and easy to fold
  • New locking lever
  • New footboard and design
  • Weight: 28kg
  • Dimensions (open): 122 x 130 x 59cm


The package includes the scooter, the mudguards, the charger, the user manual, a pump and an hexagonal key.
Package weight: 32kg
Package dimensions: 125 x 32 x 59cm

Technical details