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Pikolin 150x190 adjustable bed bundle including an adjustable mattress, white motorised divan and 2 free pillow

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PIKOLIN Premium senior package: Executive 150 x 190 mattress + divan base + 2 free pillows

An amazingly adaptable and comfortable bed package. Composed of the new 30cm-high Executive pocket spring adjustable mattress, a spacious folding divan base with an adjustable motorised top with 4 levels and two 75cm fibre pillows.

A premium adjustable pocket spring mattress for soft, adaptable comfort. Customised and targeted rest for maximum comfort, thanks to its layers of padding, including Inside by Bultex and Progression Fiber.

The Adapt Tech pocket coil spring core with differentiated areas means the mattress can adapt better to the body shape of each person, thanks to its structure including five differentiated areas designed according to the weights and shapes of the human body, in order to provide a customised solution for each area of the body during sleep. The edge of the mattress is reinforced for greater product stability and durability, as this prevents it losing its shape.

The Progression Fiber padding technology is a combination of HR Supersoft and polyester fibre that creates a sweet, soft feel when sleeping. This technology also regulates heat, to deliver even better sleep. The exclusive Inside by Bultex layer provides adaptability and greater comfort that are perfect for relaxing muscles.

Made of a high-elasticity stretch fabric that is soft and comfortable.

The product has been developed using Triple Barrera technology to stop the appearance of mites, bacteria or mould.

A one-sided mattress built for comfort. It cannot be reversed. The mattress is approximately 30cm high.

White 4Z adjustable folding divan base. Solid beech frame with straight corners, which delivers a high-quality connection, robustness and durability to the headboard, the footboard and the frame planks, being 25mm thick.

Easy-to-open system including pneumatic shock absorbers that deliver total silence when in use. Can be opened using the chrome steel handle.

Offers generous storage space. Its front opening means you can access the interior from all angles.

The incredibly durable breathable layer of this folding bed provides greater ventilation and optimum air flow for the whole bed system.

Perfect mattress support without movement during the night, thanks to the inclusion of a non-slip fabric in the centre of the base.

Multi-layer wood base to provide perfect support for all stored objects. Easy to handle, store and move.

A breathable layer that includes an incredibly robust steel structure.

The premium fibre pillow delivers stunning comfort that adapts to the curvature of the neck without pressure. Of medium/high firmness, it is perfect for those who move a lot during the night.

Thanks to its firmness and height, it has the right characteristics to keep the head and neck in the correct position, without letting continual movements affect the quality of sleep.

Its double cover composition (interior and exterior made 100% of incredibly soft microfibre fabric) will keep it perfectly protected throughout its useful life. Its core, also of 100% microfibre, guarantees perfect stability and a feel that is like silk to the touch. Its capacity to recover is outstanding.

Premium delivery service: delivery by appointment, product installation by a specialist team in the bedroom of the home, removal of packaging and removal of old bed if required.

Divan base height: 36cm

Mattress height: 30cm

Mattress weight: 32kg

Divan base colour: white

Height of base from floor: 36cm

Divan base usable height: 27cm

Suitable for people weighing up to 130 kilogrammes

Commercial warranty: 2 years

Delivery to mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands

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