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Thema Condens Miset Radio 26 kw condensing boiler with basic installation included

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Saunier Duval THEMA CONDENS Mi 26kW wall-hung condensing boiler

Latest-generation smart boiler that cuts heating consumption by up to 35% compared to non-condensing boilers and delivers 10% more efficiency in DHW (domestic hot water) than other condensing boilers.

  • Perfect for properties up to 100m2 with a bathroom + toilet + kitchen.
  • Power: 26kW.
  • AquaFast: hot water instantly, now even more precise. With Smart Shower mode, which reduces waiting time when you need DHW.
  • Connectable boiler: latest-generation controls fitted as standard.
  • Digital interface and high-resolution touch display. Large display with text, assistant, graphics, codes and symbols - easy to use and intuitive. Power consumption reading on screen.
  • FlameFit system: safer and more efficient, with optimised combustion adjustment.

FlameFit combustion system

  • Energy savings and warmth with a 1:9 modulation.
  • Conversion to propane (G31) using the control panel.
  • Continuous monitoring of combustion, which means big savings and safety.

MiSet Radio CONNECTABLE CONTROL included as standard: all the parts of the system are interconnected by eBUS, which means the system modulates to deliver maximum efficiency, thereby reducing costs and extending your boiler’s useful life.

Heating and hot water programming assistant

Means you can easily adjust and change your system, programming your weekly heating and hot water needs by answering a series of simple questions. The heating and hot water programming guarantee that warmth and hot water will be available when you need them without wasting energy.

Touch control, intuitive interface with a cutting edge design. Easy to use heating and hot water programming. Connectable with the MiGo Link solution, which means you can control and monitor your boiler more easily than ever, anywhere, anytime, by using your phone thanks to the MiGo Link app: manage your heating and DHW, monitor your energy use, choose heating or cooling mode, increase temperatures manually as required, programme and change times, get information about the installation and the system’s status and receive automatic updates so you always know what’s happening.


The basic installation includes: one-metre smoke outlet, a 90º elbow and a five-metre drainage pipe. If the installation requires material in addition to the above, extras will need to be added.

Before the installation, Sirkus will send the customer a document by instant messenger that will explain all the steps. If the installation requires extras or additional material, the customer must pay Sirkus directly for this.

The boiler installation procedure is:

The installation company (Sirkus) contacts the customer (it is recommended to indicate a contact mobile phone number) to request photos of the current boiler and installation.

The installer checks that the boiler model is suitable and, if any minor work is required, it will send the customer a personalised quote (not included in the price of the boiler).

Once the check has been done, a date and time will be agreed for the installation of the new boiler.

Available in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands.

Includes delivery service, removal of the old boiler and basic installation.

Commercial warranty: 3 years.

Dimensions: 74 x 41.8 x 34.4cm.

In case of doubt in the choice of the boiler or in the installation, send an email to:

In case of incident, send an email to:

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Once the boiler is installed, returns will not be accepted

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