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ECOTEC PLUS 36 kw condensing boiler with basic installation included

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Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 36 wall-hung condensing boiler

Installation in 72 hours (working hours) only for the replacement of another condensing boiler

A boiler fitted with the latest technology and the most cutting-edge features. The new ecoTEC Plus boilers are the smartest on the market, designed to deliver maximum efficiency and home comfort.

  • Perfect for properties between 150m2 and 280m2 with two bathrooms, toilet and kitchen.
  • Power: 36kW. 
  • Services: heating and DHW (domestic hot water).
  • Savings and comfort, thanks to optimised combustion – IoniDetect.
  • Constant hot water faster, with savings, thanks to microaccumulation and the Soaping feature.
  • Vaillant Comfort Safe: extended emergency operation mode. The boiler reduces its operation to less than 100% to avoid a breakdown, but continues to work and serve the property. It can correct the problem automatically or advise the technical service itself.
  • An incredibly intuitive, modern design with a large display and touch-screen features.
  • Connectable sensoHome control fitted as standard.


Perfect combustion at all times, thanks to the adaptive automatic gas system, which optimises your boiler’s performance and efficiency whatever the type or quality of gas. Gas transformation on screen.

Maximises your boiler’s performance.

Means higher modulation by working with lower minimum power levels.

Lower emissions of polluting gases.

TCS (Thermal Comfort System): emergency mode that warns you of a problem with a visit from the technical service.

Advanced bypass: less noise and greater comfort throughout your home.

Soaping feature: hot water as soon as you turn on the tap.

Connectable control: sensoHome Wi-Fi thermostat. Includes an eBUS modulation control that guarantees great performance and optimum efficiency for your heating system. It is also very intuitive to operate, with a touch interface and large display. External temperature compensation, thanks to the temperature sensor.

Energy efficiency: A+

The basic installation includes: one-metre smoke outlet, a 90º elbow and a five-metre drainage pipe. If the installation requires material in addition to the above, extras will need to be added.

Before the installation, Sirkus will send the customer a document by instant messenger that will explain all the steps. If the installation requires extras or additional material, the customer must pay Sirkus directly for this.

The boiler installation procedure is:

The installation company (Sirkus) contacts the customer (it is recommended to indicate a contact mobile phone number) to request photos of the current boiler and installation.

The installer checks that the boiler model is suitable and, if any minor work is required, it will send the customer a personalised quote (not included in the price of the boiler).

Once the check has been done, a date and time will be agreed for the installation of the new boiler.

Available in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands.

Includes delivery service, removal of the old boiler and basic installation.

Commercial warranty: 3 years.

Dimensions: 72 x 44 x 34.8cm

In case of doubt in the choice of the boiler or in the installation, send an email to:
In case of incident, send an email to: 

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Once the boiler is installed, returns will not be accepted

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