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Pack Pikolin Executive 135x200 with mattress, storage base in wengue colour and 2 free pillows

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The Executive mattress has two faces, is of medium-high firmness, and is designed using Normablock advanced spring technology that guarantees correct support for your back. Its layers of filling relieve pressure and provide a perfect rest. The NATURBOX storage base has extra storage room that makes it a horizontal wardrobe. It has different corners: straight at the headboard and bevelled at the feet to avoid stumbles. BAS (Base Air System) breathable lid: made using 3D internal parts and fabric to facilitate optimum ventilation and airing. Viscoelastic pillow with medium firmness. Perfect for sleeping on your side or face up. Outer case: side A, 100% polyester microfibre and side B, polyester 3D mesh. Inner protective case: 100% polyester microfibre. Body: 100% viscoelastic. Hybrid System®: Normablock® Plus block with contour rod and Visco Confort Plus® filling, which relieves pressure points. Top layers of Optima®: increases your comfort. Soft polyester cushioning: ergonomic support to provide greater stability. Viscofoam Confort Plus®: superior relaxation due to its heat-sensitive performance, that is, when it's cold it's firm and when it's heated by your body it becomes more flexible. Side edge mattress cover in high-density polyester. Triple Barrera®: hygienic treatment that eliminates mites, bacteria and mould and prevents their appearance. 4 reinforced handles. Fire-resistant breathable stretch fabric (exceeds European fire standards UNE-EN 597-1 and UNE-EN 597-2) with Sanitized® treatment that prevents the development of microbes. Handle for the storage base made of solid wood and a frame to fix the mattress to the headboard. Frontal opening system using a gas piston. Storage base colour: wengue Measurements: 135 x 200 cm Mattress height: 33 cm Storage base height: 32 cm Maximum weight for people of up to 130 kilos Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years Available on the Spanish mainland, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands Includes delivery service, assembly and removal of old mattress/storage base/mattress base. Does not include the dismantling of beds

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