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Protección Senior Single (1 watch)

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Securitas Direct Protección Senior Single II (1 watch)

This is a 24/7 personal protection and well-being service that offers safety both inside and

outside the home in any emergency situation, with its advanced technology and next-gen watch.

You can now contract the Protección Senior equipment for €299 and receive all its services through Securitas Direct for just €33 a month.

Or you can sign up to MyBox Protección Senior at no initial cost and for a monthly fee of €33 for the first three years after activation, which includes the equipment and all associated services.

Central unit

Includes an SOS button, voice chat and touch screen with access to weather monitoring services, a telepharmacy and concierge service.

New watch

The watch can automatically detect a fall and activate the service if the user is immobile for more than 45 seconds. Whether inside or outside your home, we will be able to locate you and send you help.

For double protection, remember you can always press the SOS button.

24-hour medical advice by video consultation

A healthcare service provided via the homedoctor app that gives you access to a medical video consultation in which, thanks to the homedoctor monitor, a doctor can take your temperature, blood oxygen levels, electrocardiogram and blood pressure remotely, meaning you can be given a medical check-up immediately without leaving home.

Other features:

  • The emergency support service is available in Spanish, Catalan and English.

Protección Senior include:

  • 1 central unit
  • 1 watch
  • 1 charging cradle for the watch
  • 1 health monitor and 1 homedoctor blood pressure cuff, with case
  • USB chargers and charging cables

Technical details