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Designed to fall in love with, with a finish refined to perfection and made from the toughest materials

Galaxy Z Flip5

Presenting the Galaxy Z Flip5, the 5th generation of foldable devices from Samsung. The design has been fully overhauled to include a new hinge to make it even more compact and new materials to make it even tougher. Plus, the new cover display lets you get to the apps and features you use most without even needing to open the device.

Designed to fall in love with

Its exclusive folding design and new cover display will be the centre of attention. Made from tougher, longer-lasting materials, the Z Flip5 sets the new standard for a premium smartphone.

The best selfie camera

Thanks to its FlexCam, the Z Flip5 redefines photography. Its new cover display goes with its main cameras to give you a new way to take photos and videos.

Flip & Flex

Open up the Z Flip5 at different angles and your apps will adapt to the display to open up a new world of possibilities.

Galaxy Z Fold5

Presenting the Galaxy Z Fold5, the 5th generation of foldable devices from Samsung. Closed, the Fold5 offers all the portability and convenience of a conventional smartphone. Open it up and unleash its potential, with the most advanced Z Fold display to enjoy videos and games big time. Plus, its new interface gets the most out of multitasking, boosting your productivity more than you even dreamed of with a smartphone.

Design refined to perfection

Achieve perfection with the 5th generation. The new design is more compact, slimmer, lighter and tougher.

The best multimedia experience

Enjoy the best display to play games or watch videos. Closed, you can take it anywhere; open, you have a tablet in the palm of your hand.

Fold & Flex

Push the limits with the most advanced multitasking in the world on a smartphone. Open up to 3 apps at once and drag content between windows to take productivity to the next level.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

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