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Smartwatch Garmin Fenix 7 Gray silver

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Garmin Fēnix 7

There are 7 days in a week and the Fēnix 7 multisport GPS watch is built for all of them. Meet any challenge with cutting-edge training features, sports apps, 24/7 health and wellness monitoring and much more.

Experience total control with easy-to-use buttons on the new touchscreen. Gain information about your performance during your exercise and effectively manage your stamina. Optimise recovery and your general health and wellness by monitoring your heart rate, breathing, stress, sleep and much more. Cutting-edge navigation sensors are your best allies on your mountain trips. The connected features include smart notifications, music storage and contactless payments with Garmin Pay™.

The solar versions offer a solar charging lens that uses solar energy to extend the useful life of the battery. In addition, the Fēnix 7 X offers a built-in LED flashlight so you can see and be seen in the dark.

Key features

  • Design:
    • Screen size: Diameter 1.30" (33.02 mm)
    • MIP display (transflective): legible under any light conditions
    • Lenses material: reinforced glass and Power Glass™
    • Bezels and rear covers material: stainless steel
    • PVD coating treatment
    • Highly resistant fibre-reinforced polymer body
    • Range of styles and finishes, from metallic grey to black and gold
  • Performance and resistance: the reinforced metal extends over the case lugs, delivering greater strength and a more metallic look from the front
  • Button guard: the guard that surrounds the main button helps to reduce accidental presses and increases long-term durability
  • New graphics and user interface: enhanced on an amazing display
  • Cutting-edge features:
    • Gen 4 wrist-based heart rate sensor: greater accuracy, a sports design and a new reinforced and resistant finish with a protective lens
    • Health Snapshot: analyse your health level and export a PDF file including your health summary using Garmin Connect
    • GNSS: multiple navigation satellites for improved position accuracy
    • Quick access via touchscreen and buttons
    • Multi-continent topographic maps: download TopoActive maps by region for free via Wi-Fi
    • 16GB for maps and music
    • SkiView: preloaded maps of over 2,000 ski resorts worldwide
    • Golf: access maps for more than 42,000 golf courses around the world, and get precise distances from anywhere on the course
    • Next stops: see the points of interest you have marked during your route at a glance. Consult your performance metrics, split times and distance/elevation, and see a summary of the key points about the upcoming route. These points must be added in your route in Garmin Connect
    • Garmin Connect settings: the Epix series allows you to configure all of the parameters of the watch from your smartphone (Garmin Connect) or via the watch
    • LED flashlight
      • SEE. The range of the wide, even beam lights the way ahead, so you can take every step confidently.
      • BE SEEN. A unique stroboscopic mode that matches the rhythm of a runner. Emits a flashing red light when the watch faces backwards and a white light when it faces forwards.
    • More battery: to maximise usage time, the battery life of all Fēnix 7 watches has been significantly extended
    • Solar: the solar charging in the Solar models means you can extend the battery life even more. In GPS mode, solar charging means you can extend the battery life by an average of 30%
  • Entertainment features:
    • Stamina: monitor and improve your strength. Stamina delivers information about how fast you consume energy: it therefore helps you better understand how to change your stamina during exercise and avoid excessive force in running or cycling activities
    • New activities: HIIT (high intensity interval training), racket sports (tennis and padel tennis) and watersports (surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing)
    • Visual race predictor: track the estimates of the race predictor over time to visually consult your progress towards a training goal
  • Advanced training:
    • ABC: Altimeter, barometer and compass
    • ClimbPro: an ascent and descent planner to see information in real time about present and future climbs on a route
    • PacePro: establish an objective race pace and find out if you are racing above or below your time and how much you need to make up
    • Safety and tracking: feel safe with its safety and tracking features It sends a message with your location to your emergency contacts and, if you’re doing an activity, automatically detects if an incident has happened
  • Connected:
    • Smart notifications: messages, calendar, news, etc.
    • Garmin Pay™: leave your wallet at home and pay quickly with your watch, thanks to Garmin Pay
    • Music app: download music from Spotify®, Amazon Music and Deezer and listen to it with headphones or Bluetooth audio devices with no need for a phone (premium subscription required)
  • Health monitoring: heart rate, stress, sleeping times and phases, oxygen absorption, body battery, hydration tracking, breathing tracking and exercises, steps and floors climbed, feminine health tracking and Health Snapshot

More information

  • Case: 47mm
  • Display: 1.3mm, 260 x 260 pixels, visible in sunlight, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP)
  • Lenses material: reinforced glass
  • Bezel and rear cover material: plated stainless steel
  • Built-in heart rate monitor: Gen 4
  • Internal storage: 16GB
  • Navigation system: GPS, GLONASS and Galileo
  • Multi-continent topographic maps: multiple downloadable regions
  • Strap: includes silicone watch strap. Length of adjustable strap: 123.9mm, length of buckle strap: 95.8mm, total length of adjustable and buckle strap: 219.7mm
  • Weight: 79g
  • Battery type: internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Battery: smartwatch, up to 18 days, GPS only, up to 57h, GPS Expedition mode, up to 40 days
  • Water resistance rating: 10 ATM
  • Wireless technology: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ANT+

Technical details