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Thrustmaster T300RS GT EDITION Steering Wheel Pack + T. Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition Headphones + Ps5 GT 7 25th Anniversary Game

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Gran Turismo 7 bundle for PS5


The bundle includes:

+ Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition licenced steering wheel

+ Thrustmaster T. Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition headset

+ Gran Turismo 7, 25th Anniversary Edition for PS5

THRUSTMASTER T300RS GT EDITION STEERING WHEEL with official Gran Turismo licence

Realistic: racing wheel 28cm in diameter that includes brushed metal central steering plate. Reinforced rubber texture on the wheel's entire circumference.

Weighs over 1.2kg, to deliver feedback force and a hyper-realistic inertia.

Comprehensive driving accessory - 13 action buttons (including 2 on the base) + 1 D-pad - A detachable racing wheel that includes the Thrustmaster Quick Release system.

The wheel includes two large sequential gear shifters: 13cm high for easy access and 100% metal. Tact switch with a life cycle of over 10 million activations.

For this special GT Edition and to deliver even greater realism, the bundle includes the T3PA pedal version - GT edition, which includes three 100% metal pedals and internal structure. You can adjust the height and spacing of the accelerator and clutch pedals. The brake pedal has progressive resistance and includes a Conical Brake Mod.

Brushless industrial motor. Under the hood there’s nothing less than a genuine brushless servo industrial Force Feedback motor (with frictionless action) which provides super smooth and seamless Force Feedback. The silence of the motor allows you to really focus on what matters, which is premium performance on the road. Ultra-responsive and realistic Force effects, with no latency.

H.E.A.R.T. HallEffect AccuRate Technology®

Thrustmaster’s development teams have added precision to the motor’s impressive capabilities by incorporating H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology®, featuring a contactless magnetic sensor: this provides 16-bit resolution, for 65,536 values on the wheel’s steering.

Thrustmaster T. Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition headset: Thrustmaster proudly presents the T. Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition headset, with an official licence from Ferrari.


- The perfect combination of audio performance and comfort, with ear pad cushions crafted of memory foam and a gel layer for effective passive sound isolation.

- The headset’s high-performance, unidirectional noise-cancelling microphone is detachable.

- The volume control knob is located directly on the left ear cup, just like on the real headsets used in the Ferrari Scuderia’s paddocks.

- The T.Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition headset also includes an inline audio controller with microphone volume and mute controls.

- A universal headset for full compatibility (3.5mm jack connector).

- 3m cable to adapt to any type of gaming configuration.

- Sound control: on-ear volume knob, allowing the player to adjust the audio level of the game. Micro volume controls and silence on the inline controller for easy access.

GRAN TURISMO 7, 25th Anniversary Edition for PS5: whether you’re a racer, collector, tuner, designer, photographer or arcade fan, feed your passion for cars with elements inspired by the past, present and future of Gran Turismo.

From classic vehicles and circuits to the return of the legendary GT simulation mode, enjoy the best features of previous models in the series. And, if speed is your thing, practice and compete in FIA Championships and in Sport mode.

The Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition includes:

- The Gran Turismo 7 game for PS5 (physical format)

- Steelbook case

- Digital content: Toyota GR Yaris, 30 PSN avatars, 1,000,000 CR (in-game credits), official soundtrack

Manufacturer’s warranty: Thrustmaster technical support. Tel. No.: 91 414 24 06

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